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Sue Turayhi's Artworks

Suhad Turayhi was born and raised in Baghdad. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Art, University of Baghdad with a Bachelor of Art in Design in 1976. After graduation, she worked at the Iraqi National Museum and was later sent to work at the archeological site of ancient Babylon.There she was immersed in Iraqi antiquities and history.

To advance her studies, she migrated to Chicago. In 1980, she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois-Chicago. Suhad became a fully licensed interior designer with National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) Certification in 1987.

Suhad participated in an annual collective art exhibit and Solo Exhibits.  She is member of the Buffalo Arts Guild League and Long Grove Arts League.

Sue Turayhi
Email:                         (847) 476- 8699


Upcoming Exhibit

Art in Motion 2016

Lurie Center Ryan Family Atrium

303 E Superior in Chicago, IL 60611

Exhibit will be displayd from May 5-8


Opening Night & Awards celebration

on Thusday, May 5 from 5:30-9:00 pm

James Rondea will select three winner from the finalist to receive cash a wards

 Tickets may be purchased online by visiting

* Moon Gallery

 15 E Miner Arlington Ht, IL 60004

Reception October 6,2016 - (847) 636-7738


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Sue Turayhi Arts work

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