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 “2020” Raw Emotion

I am always inspired to connect the dots between word, image, and color to create a visual art that will touch one’s soul. The painting “2020” inspired by a poem written by Leslie Dwight “What if 2020 isn’t cancelled?”


I creating 6 videos that explained the process on my Instagram "".

The story I created represents the many open roads we can choose and the new way of living we will have to consider. The year “2020” is repeated several times to emphasize the importance of this year. There are two connected circles that define our need to Band Together to create a better future. On the bottom I painted people demonstrating, to represent a force for change. I use Red for the word Raw, Blue for the word Band Together and Purple for Change.

Through my work.


Unlock your own creativity to associate words with images and colors or maybe you have another creative process that I will love to hear from you.


Acrylic 24x30    $575
Sue Turayhi

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